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A Comprehensive Look At The Beatles Self-Titled Double Album Masterpiece

On the Radio

On the Radio is a collection of radio specials and news broadcast made over the years that relate in some way to the White Album and/or the time period it was recorded

The radio specials and news-shorts found on this website were compiled from various sources and focus on the ‘white album’ period of the Beatles career. The albums influence is still felt today over 40 years after its initial release. Radio specials and commemorative news reports appeared’ as the 20th, 25th, 30th and 40th anniversaries of the albums original release approached. Fans the world over never tire of cel­e­brating these musical mile­stones and the memories these various pro­grams are priceless to the discriminating Beatle fans everywhere.

The audio files of the programs on these pages are made available here for your listening pleasure. Click on any of the GO >  links below to enjoy them.

The Beatle Years Host Elliot Minsk explores the first album released by Apple Records on his long running West­wood One Radio Series   GO >

The Beatles on Apple Records: Author Bruce Spizer’s New Book Recounts the Cre­ation of the Bea­t­les Apple Records Label   GO >

Apple Records 40 Years Later: As part of the NPR series Echoes of 1968 Joel Rose filed this story on Apple Records and its legacy  GO >

The Beatles released the White Album 40 years ago this month, do you remember where you were when you first heard it?  GO >

Paul Ingles of PRI revis­it­s The Bea­t­les’ Best-Seller in the fascinating 3 hour special ‘The White Album Lis­ten­ing Party’  GO >

Mono Or Stereo: Which Bea­t­les Box Is Better? Bea­t­les his­to­rian Kevin Howlett talks about the newly remas­tered albums  GO >

Remember who they were? Taking a look back to find­ out who were the Best of the Bands on the Bea­t­les Apple Label  GO >

Dan­ger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album’ Spured a huge dispute. Although a not for com­mer­cial release, these mixes sure got plenty of inter­net play  GO >

Phish’s first Musi­cal Hal­loween Cos­tume Con­cert ever debuted on Hal­loween Night 1994 and to many fans sur­prise they took on the entire Bea­t­les White Album  GO >

Lov­ing An Album To Death Makes A Music Fan For Life. All Things Con­sid­ered is dig­ging into the record col­lec­tions of lis­ten­ers’ par­ents.  GO >

The Vinyl Experience is on location in New York’s Soho gallery Recess for artist Ruthe­ford Chang’s exhibit “We Buy White Albums.”  GO >

Nik Cohn, writing for the New York Times, heard the Beatles White Album in 1968 and pronounced it boring. What does he think now?  GO >